The Plan to Ensure That Your Vote Doesn’t Count

We are told by everyone on the left that voting by mail is safe and easy, and that voter fraud is nonexistent. As I have showed you over the past two months, that is not true. There have been thousands of cases of voter fraud that have caused questions on who the winner of several big races really was and I go in to some of those cases in my previous articles, and

There have been countless stories just this year of ballots found in ditches, hundreds of thousands of voters receiving ballots with some kind of error on them, thousands not receiving their mail-in vote on time for the primary, thousands of voters receiving duplicate ballots, stories of people who have been receiving ballots for their parents who died years ago and even for their dead cat. These are not “conspiracy theories” pushed by Donald Trump or just a few cases over the last several decades like we are repeatedly told by the media and the left. These are all fact and have all happened this year.

The left is trying absolutely everything they can to change the rules in the middle of the game and to ensure that your vote doesn’t matter and that is why they are changing the rules. They lost the 2016 election so this year they aren’t taking any chances and that is why they are trying to change the entire system overnight. That is what’s behind the sudden push for mail-in voting (which by the way is completely different from absentee voting, although after this year I don’t know that I trust that either). That is what’s behind the push to have ballots counted regardless of when they are postmarked, even several days after election day. That is why many are now pushing for the signatures on the ballots to not be required to match. That is why Massachusetts has temporarily changed the rules to allow DEAD PEOPLE to vote, if they voted early and died before Election Day. That is why many are now calling the concept of Election Night “outdated”. That is why Hillary Clinton has advised Joe Biden not to concede under “Any circumstances”. And that is why they (in their own documents) are calling for mass chaos after Election Day and even for the secession of several states if Donald Trump wins re-election. 

In Arizona, a federal judge, just hours before the voter registration deadline on October 5th, ruled that the new voter registration deadline will be October 23rd. It’s important to point out that Judge Logan was a President Obama appointee who is now changing the rules for President Obama’s former Vice President. It should be enough to at least make you question what his motivation is. Now of course he’s blaming the pandemic for why the voter registration deadline needed to be delayed, completely ignoring that people knew all year that the deadline to register to vote was October 5th. 

Another Arizona judge, Douglas Rayos, ruled in favor of the Democrats and has decided that voters will get up to five days after the election to fix their ballot if they neglected to sign their early ballots. Rayos is also an Obama appointee. 

In Pennsylvania, a federal judge dismissed a Trump campaign lawsuit and called the claims of election fraud “speculative”. The Trump campaign wanted to require ballot signatures to match voter registration records. Shouldn’t it just be common sense that the signature on the ballot be required to match the person who is registered to vote?

In Virginia, a U.S. district judge (a Bill Clinton appointee) has ruled that voters no longer need to follow the requirement to get a witness’ signature if they don’t feel safe enough due to covid, (a virus with a death rate of around .5%).

In New Jersey, U.S. district Judge Michael Shipp (another Obama appointee) dismissed the Trump campaigns challenge to New Jersey’s mail-in voting rules. One of the rules that the Trump campaign had a problem with is that this judge has ruled that ballots must be counted up to two days after election day, even if they don’t have a postmarked. Previous rules stated that ballots must be postmarked by Election Day to be counted.

In three major battleground states (Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin), and of which could end up being the deciding state if this election ends up being as close as many expect, all recently had mail-in ballot deadlines extended by the courts within days of each other. 

In Pennsylvania, a judge has ruled that mail-in ballots are now due three days after Election Day, regardless of if they were postmarked by Election Day or not. 

In Michigan, mail-in ballots will be counted up until November 17th, as long as they are postmarked by Election Day. That is a full two weeks after Election Day where we might not know the winner of Michigan, a swing state that Trump narrowly won in 2016.

In Wisconsin, mail-in ballots use to be due by 8pm on Election Day but U.S. District Judge, William Conley, another Obama appointee, has granted a six-day extension for this election.

Do you find any of this fair? 

This is a party so desperate to win and they are going to do it by any means necessary because as we were told by President Obama, Saul Alinsky and other radicals, “The ends justify the means”. The means include changing the rules in the middle of the game to ensure that as many people can vote as possible, regardless of whether they can legally vote or not. It includes getting rid of all safeguards to ensure that the process is fair and that your vote counts. It includes extending registration deadlines, allowing votes to be counted well past election day whether they were submitted or even postmarked on time or not, and changing the rules so that the signatures are not even required to match the person’s signature that is registered to vote. And now they are changing the rules to kick off the Green Party candidate in as many states as possible to make sure that they don’t lose any votes to a third party, including in the swing states of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. 

These desperate attempts at regaining power will not stop before or after Election Day. It is critical that if you are able to, show up and vote in person to ensure that your vote counts. As I explained in, 20% of mail-in ballots are already thrown out in a normal election year due to errors. Now, add what is likely to be a massive amount of fraud, especially in the swing states. It is going to be complete chaos and we may not have a winner for several weeks or months, and that will be devastating for the country. 

You also need to be prepared for the chaos that is very likely to follow, especially if this is a close election. The Left is calling for it in their own words, which I go into great detail in:,,,,


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