NHS issues warning to meat eaters amid MonkeyPox outbreak

The NHS has now issued a warning to meat eaters amid the Monkeypox outbreak. According to the NHS, which is the National Health Service for the UK, it “may be possible to catch monkeypox by eating meat from an infected animal that has not been cooked thoroughly, or by touching other products from infected animals […]

President Biden praises high gas prices

Yes, you read that right. While speaking in Japan, President Biden praised the highest gas prices in history that you are currently experiencing and called it an ‘incredible transition’ and claimed that “we’ll be stronger and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over”. “They’re saying the quiet […]

S&P 500 ESG Index removes Tesla; welcome to the Great Reset

For the past 18 months I have been writing extensively about the Great Reset and ESG. Everything that I have been writing about on this issue since then is now coming true and it’s getting harder and harder for people to deny that this is happening and what is coming. Elon Musk found out last […]

How to Prepare for the ‘New World Order’

Most people view the New World Order as a “conspiracy theory” and ignore or mock anyone who mentions it. But the players behind it are openly admitting that that is what they are pushing for. Earlier this month there was a World Government Summit, where many of the top players like Klaus Schwab attended, and […]

World Government Summit Admits Your Life is About to Change Dramatically

Last week the World Government Summit was held in Dubai. All of the top people were there and the summit was kicked off by Klaus Schwab, the leader of the World Economic Forum. The topic of the first session was “Are We Ready for a New World Order?” Did you even know there was a […]

The Real Reason Companies Are Boycotting Russia and What Comes Next

The war between Russia and Ukraine is the perfect example of why we need to run from anything involving the Great Reset and ESG. Sure, it sounds good on the surface that all of these countries are boycotting Russia, but did all of these companies just come to the same conclusion all of a sudden […]

The WWIII Axis Power and Why You Must Be Paying Attention

The battle lines are being drawn in what could easily become WWIII. Everyday it’s becoming clearer which countries are going to be in the Axis power and which countries are going to be allies. Reading this list it should concern every American. China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, most of Africa, Iran and India are all going […]

SEC Takes Another Step Towards ESG and Proposes New Climate Rules

Last week a story broke that received very little attention and I wouldn’t have thought anything of it if I wasn’t aware of the Great Reset and ESG. On Monday of last week, the Securities and Exchange Commission voted 3 to 1 for a new rule that would ” compel companies to disclose how climate […]