The New Domestic Terror Threat and What’s Coming

The Biden administration is working quickly to redefine domestic terrorism. They use the “insurrection” on January 6th as proof that “right wing extremists” need to be added to that list. The Biden administration and those on the far left are trying desperately to paint all Conservatives as “extremists” and “dangerous to “our democracy” and have […]

January 6th and the Coming War of Terror

In January, the Department of Homeland Security issued their first terror bulletin since the death of the Iranian Quds Force Commander Qasem-Soleimani in January 2020. This bulletin wasn’t issued because of Iran or Al-Qaeda or some other known terrorist group. This terror bulletin was issued because of “right-wing extremism”. The terror bulletin warned about “individuals […]

Justice is Officially Dead. Welcome to Mob Rule

This was a really sad week for the country. Not because I personally believe Derrick Chauvin is innocent or guilty. There is a lot that you can criticize in the way that he handled things. But because we discovered that justice is no longer blind, but dead. Justice has now been succeeded by the mob. […]

Biden Administration Casts Doubt that ‘Russian Bounty’ Story Happened

Remember the story that came out during the 2020 election that Russia put a bounty on the heads of U.S. soldiers and that Trump did nothing about it? Well, it turns out that that story wasn’t exactly true.  Last week, a senior Biden administration official stated that the intelligence community confidence in the story that […]

Democrats Introduce Bill to Expand Supreme Court to 13 Seats

Last week, Democrats announced plans to introduce legislation that will add 4 new justices to the Supreme Court, increasing the number of seats from 9 to 13. This legislation is being sponsored by Democrat Senator Ed Markey and Democrat Representative Jerry Nadler. Nadler defended this legislation by claiming that they aren’t packing the Supreme Court, […]

The Left’s Blatant Lies About the New Voting Rules in Georgia

It seems like everyday now the mainstream media picks a narrative and they run with it, regardless of what the actual facts say. They are doing it once again with the new voting law in Georgia. We are being told that this is a discriminatory law that takes us back to Jim Crow and that […]

Why the “For the People Act” is Anything But

This bill should be renamed the “For Those in Power” act because that is who it supports, not the people. The only thing that this bill does is ensures that those in power get to keep that power by any and all means necessary.