Russia’s Likely Default and How that Would Impact You

In retaliation for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the world put sanctions on Russia as punishment. I’m not saying that Russia shouldn’t be dealt with but our response to the war is going to have far greater implications than what we are being told and we may not be able to recover from it. What we […]

Bank of America Warns “Hyper-Inflation is Coming”

Lumber is up 265%. Corn up 84%. Cooper up 83%. Sugar up 59%. Cotton up 54%. Coffee up 13%. These are just a few of the items that have seen skyrocketing prices over the last 12 months and things are about to get much worse. You need to do whatever you can now to prepare […]

The Collapse of the Dollar and the New USD Coin

Since the 1960’s the United States government has spent more than $20 trillion on the war on poverty. $20 trillion! That is quadruple the amount of every war that the United States has ever fought in, combined. And what do we have to show for it? Absolutely nothing. Poverty rates have changed very little since […]

The Unprecedented Moves That the Banks Are Making and What is to Come

A few weeks ago, CNBC ran an article talking about what they are predicting to be a booming economy. According to JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, U.S. consumers are ‘coiled and ready to go’. He mentioned that consumers have $2 trillion more now then they did before the pandemic, they have paid down their […]

40 Percent of Manufacturers Warn Supply is ‘Too Low’

Consumer goods prices have now risen by 9.4% within the last year, due to supplies running very low ranging from paper products to food. Supplies are running so low that companies are now cutting back advertising because of how low their product is getting. According to the Institute for Study Management, 40% of manufacturers are […]

Semiconductor Shortage Reaches ‘Crisis Point’. How it Will Effect You

You probably haven’t heard a whole lot about it but we are in the midst of a really bad semiconductor shortage and it is going to effect you very soon. These chips are used for absolutely everything now a days, from cars to cell phones to washer machines. This shortage will start to drive the […]