What Does America Look Like in 2022?

Somehow the unthinkable happened. Democrats were able to pull off narrow wins in both the House and the Senate and win the White House. This gives the party that has promised radical changes over the next few months almost complete control of the government. So what does America look like in 2022?  Let’s take a […]

Why Did We Use a Voting System that is Very Easy to Tamper With?

Yes, you’ve read that right. 30 states, chose to use a voting system that is extremely easy to hack, and anyone with access can delete, alter, double a vote count for a certain candidate or make votes for certain candidates have more weight then votes for other candidates. If you can get in to this […]

Big Tech and the 2020 Election

“By manipulating what you are searching for, they can shift tens of millions of votes. In 2018, 78 million votes were shifted to Democrats, and that is a claim that came from Dr. Robert Epstein, a Hillary Clinton supporter. “

20% of Mail-in Ballots Will Be Thrown Out. What You Need to Know

Over the past few weeks I have been explaining how fraud is a common occurrence in any election and despite what the media likes to claim, it’s worse with mail-in votes. But fraud isn’t the only thing with this election that we need to pay attention too. Even if there is not enough fraud to […]

The Plan to Steal the 2020 Election

The media is accusing President Trump of lying about voter fraud and calls anyone who claims that voter fraud exists a “conspiracy theorist”. As I pointed out last week, voter fraud does exist. From having more registered voters in dozens of counties to Mitt Romney not receiving a single voter in some precincts to dead […]

Reparations, Slavery in America, and the Story You Haven’t Heard

The talk about reparations has been in the news a lot lately but it isn’t something new. This is an issue that comes up every few elections and it’s an insane idea each time. An idea that doesn’t actually solve anything, other then move us one giant step closer to socialism.  Several Democrat Presidential Candidates […]