The Coming Famine of 2022

If we continue down the current path, short of a miracle, we could very likely see severe famine in many parts of the world by 2023 and even significant shortages in America as well, not to mention that the food that you will be able to buy will cost significantly more. There are many contributing […]

Russia’s Likely Default and How that Would Impact You

In retaliation for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the world put sanctions on Russia as punishment. I’m not saying that Russia shouldn’t be dealt with but our response to the war is going to have far greater implications than what we are being told and we may not be able to recover from it. What we […]

The Beginning of the End for the Petrodollar and What That Means For You

Last week it was announced that Saudi Arabia is considering allowing China to purchase some of their oil contracts in the Chinese Yuan instead of the dollar. There have been discussions of a move like this for a few years now but the talks have become more serious this year due to Saudi Arabia becoming […]

Biden Issues EO to ‘Urgently’ Study the Creation of New Digital Dollar

Last Wednesday, Joe Biden issued an executive order to ‘study’ the risks of cryptocurrency. If you are paying any attention to the news you know that they have been studying cryptocurrency and have been hinting for months that they are moving towards taking aim against cryptocurrencies. What this order did is basically just kicked the […]

Demand Destruction and the Great Reset

Oil prices have risen significantly over the last few weeks. We are told that the rise is due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. That is partly true but prices have been rising for over a year now. You are paying significantly more at the pump than you were under Trump and that is […]

The Solution to Russia and the Current Energy Crisis

President Biden has now signed an order boycotting Russian oil over their invasion of Ukraine. Normally this would be a very smart thing, that is if we weren’t stabbing ourselves in the process. If you want to control Russia, you need to cut off their oil. The world boycotting Russian oil is what it would […]

Real Inflation Rate Hits Highest Since 1947

We need to be honest about how dire the situation in America really is. We are told that inflation has now hit 7.5%, the highest since 1982 and rising faster than what experts were expecting. That would be bad enough but the situation is far worse than that and if you have bought anything over […]

The Coming Economic Tsunami That is About to Hit the U.S.

Anyone who has a basic understanding of economics knows that we can’t continue down the road that we are on. We can’t continue to flood the markets with cash and not expect a disaster to come at some point. We can’t continue to add more debt to a nation that has just hit $30 trillion […]