Who is Really Pulling Joe Biden’s Strings?

It’s been clear since day one of this administration that Biden is not really running things. He wanders off. He’s constantly confused. Most days he has his morning briefing and that’s pretty much it. It’s obvious that he is not the one in charge of the White House so that leads to the question, Who […]

White House Releases Plan to Implement ESG

Two weeks ago, on a Friday like the government does when they don’t want people paying attention, the White House released their plan to implement the Great Reset on the American people. I’ve been warning about what is coming with the Great Reset for nearly a year now and the White House is now openly […]

The Managed Collapse of the American Empire

I think we need to start asking the question, is everything we are seeing under the Biden administration just incompetence from a President who doesn’t seem to know where he is most of the time or is it something far more evil? Are there a group of people running the country that want to see […]

What You Need to Do to Prepare For The New Normal

From energy to food your life is going to look dramatically different in the very near future if we continue down the road we are on. You are going to start seeing massive food and energy shortages. You are going to see family farms and businesses close at an exponential rate. We are headed for […]

What Made America Great and the New Normal

At the beginning of the pandemic, we started hearing terms like the “new normal”. I don’t think any of us fully understood what that meant at the time. I have been saying since near the beginning of the pandemic that we are never fully getting back to normal regarding things like mask mandates. But this […]

Biden Administration Cuts Effective COVID Treatment to Red States

Last week it was announced that the Biden administration will begin to ration effective Monoclonal antibody treatment that have been proven to help fight COVID. As a result, states such as Florida, Texas and several others are now receiving around half of the amount of treatment that they need. Governor’s such as Ron DeSantis of […]

Biden declares war on 100 million Americans with new mandate

Last week, President Biden announced his plan to mandate that businesses that have over 100 employees mandate vaccines or require a weekly negative Covid test. This new mandate will effect 100 million Americans. During the speech Biden criticized the 80 million American’s who are still unvaccinated and declared that “We’ve been patient. But our patience […]

Biden Administration’s New Domestic Terror Threat: YOU

Under President Woodrow Wilson, the Justice Department formed what was known as the American Protective League. This new league was designed to allow the Justice Department to root out those that were helping the enemy, the Germans. They listened in on the phone calls of American citizens and even went through their mail. By 1918, […]

The New Domestic Terror Threat and What’s Coming

The Biden administration is working quickly to redefine domestic terrorism. They use the “insurrection” on January 6th as proof that “right wing extremists” need to be added to that list. The Biden administration and those on the far left are trying desperately to paint all Conservatives as “extremists” and “dangerous to “our democracy” and have […]

The Most Important Step to a Marxist Utopia: The Elimination of Private Property

In the Communist manifesto, Karl Marx and Frederick Engles listed 10 steps that countries needed to take to achieve a communist utopia. Check out this list and then pay attention to the news for a week and see how many of these are already happening. “Free education for all children in public schools.” “Centralization of […]